Global warming and taking care of the earth is the main focus here, that's true. But there are also some other important things to focus on as well. Taking of the earth is very, very important, but what about taking care of the people in it?

There is too much hate in the world. People are abused and treated horribly all the time. Less and less people are told how much they are loved.

Over at Bolts of Bravery, there is a great post called "Write a letter to someone you love". Life is too short, and for many people, much too cruel. You CAN make a difference. Write a letter to someone you love telling them how much you love them, care for them, and appreciate them.

The main focus here is global warming and such, but like I said, there are other important things too. Please do check it out.

Global warming is serious, and with cars been driven more and more all the time, it's time to start considering making public transit free. Before you argue, please read the 17+ points this article makes:

17 Reasons (or More) to Stop Charging People to Ride the Bus

Many disagreemens are that all the bus equipment, gas, and management costs can just pay for themselves. Another theory is that if it is made free, public transit will be used more and more, using up even more gas.

But is it better to have one bus going or dozens of cars? What about all the gas used for each individual person's car? Maybe getting people to use public transit would be better. Just please read the points the article makes.

And if you really want to help stop global warming, CARPOOL as much as possible! So many cars are able to hold large amounts of people, some can hold 7 or more people but are often driven in holding only one person. Why waste the space, the gas? Live green!

Also, if you have a family and you have two or more cars because different members of the family leave at different times (for example, one spouse's job starting early in the morning and the other's starting later in the day), then try your best to rearrange your schedules so you can share one car whenever possible.

If you have errands, try to do them all in one trip. Remember, fight global warming and live green!

Hello, I'm Taylor and I'm the author of Out With Global Warming blog. I made a scrapbook for the Clean Earth Project (aka the CEP). All of the photographs were taken by me and the scrapbook was designed entirely by me using the Smilebox program. I hope you will look at nature and see how absolutely, stunningly, astonishingly beautiful it is. Why destroy it?

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